Video for Web

Taking video for web can be an interesting way to present what information you have to offer and being able to share your videos with family and friends with just a few clicks. You no longer have to store your videos in your device’s memory when you upload them […]

Making Video for Social Media Platforms

There really is no denying that people go crazy for social media. After all, they allow even the most average of Joes an outlet to say what they mean and show their talents whether it is in creating photos or videos but, making effective videos for different social media […]

What Video Camera Should You Buy?

There is a very wide range of video cameras to choose from, and most area available online or in a store. There are three main categories of video cameras that you can choose from depend on your budget.

Point-and-Shoot cameras are the cheapest. These cameras are used for both photo and […]

The Process

So you want to make a video! If you’re here, you probably don’t have a tremendous amount of experience in video shooting. We’re going to guide you thought the process to help you get started. First, make sure you understand the terms below so the rest of the lessons […]

Camera Definitions

These definitions will be used in future shooting and editing. Read them as an overview. You may refer back to them later in the lessons.


Exposure is the result of the amount of light that reaches the camcorder sensors (CCDs.) The amount of light is controlled by opening and closing […]